At-Home Worship Resources

Resources for Spiritual Growth

Worship is Love of God Embodied


We gather week after week to celebrate God's faithfulness and to listen to the Gospel together. Yet, worship isn't only something done in a sanctuary on a Sunday morning. When sickness or weather or travel or something else prevents us from gathering as a full community, we should still lift our hearts to the Lord. We can do this with small groups or, if necessary, on our own. See below for resources to utilize in your at-home or small group worship.

Prayers for Use At Home


Living Room Liturgies

Finding it hard to find a rhythm to your prayer life while at home? Click here to find and use some structured prayers that Pastor Zen and others have created.

Worship Services for Home Use


At-Home Worship

View the many worship services we've created (with a new one every Sunday) on our YouTube channel

Collections of Services & Prayers

Calvin's Institute of Christian Worship collected prayers and services for use at home. You can view it by clicking here.

The Christian Reformed Church of North America offers a table liturgy for use at home with family (and, at your very serious discretion, friends). View it here.

Other Resources


Click here to listen to a playlist on Spotify. This playlist contains a mix of hymns and other forms of worship music. It was created specifically for encouragement and hope in light of COVID-19.